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Regis, David Axelrod—a former Stuyvesant Town resident, University of Chicago student, and Chicago reporter—introduced the New York Times David Brooks, who's happened to have shared that same residence, alma mater, and profession.

“Most of you don’t know this, but David and I have lived parallel lives," Axelrod told the audience of political and media elite, adding that if Brooks continued following his lead, “he might have not renounced his liberalism.” Axelrod was guest speaker at The Week's "Sixth Annual Opinion Awards," where Brooks was being honored as columnist of the year.

Don made a big deal that Spielberg was there and jokingly conceived a Spielberg movie about Lally and described the cast (some actors and some in the room).-- SPOTTED: Jared and Ivanka chatting with Joel Klein and Alan Patricof, Kellyanne Conway on the dance floor, Boyden Gray, Chris Ruddy, Sen. Y.) and wife Iris, Katharine Weymouth, Mary Jordan, Richard Cohen, Margaret Carlson, Gillian Tett, Steven Spielberg chatting with Steve Clemons and Robert Hormats, Carl Icahn, Tom Lee (famous for doing a leveraged buyout of Snapple and now lives in Princess Radziwill's house), Charles Koch, John Paulson, Dina Powell, Richard Edelman, George Soros and his wife Tamiko Bolton, former Florida Gov. Bob Graham (Lally's uncle), her cousin Gwen Graham (who is running for Florida governor), Maria Bartiromo, Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton, Alan Patricof, Jeff Rosen, William Drozdiak, Rep. Tampa Bay Times writers offer the latest in Florida politics, the Florida Legislature and the Rick Scott administration.

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And on top of his supposed pomposity and elitism, he was a calculating dork: unable to get dressed in the morning without the advice of a prominent feminist (Naomi Wolf).

Today, by contrast, Gore is "the Goreacle," the elder statesman of global activism, and something of a media darling.

In September 2006, Couric joined CBSNews and became the first female solo anchor of an evening news broadcast after a 15-year run as co-anchor of NBC’s Today Show.