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Nor is there any public record of his having attended a nuclear weapons test.

The image does resonate in an interesting way with two statements often attributed to Albert Einstein.

Whether hearty plumber, battleworn grunt or cutesey farmyard animal, the colourful stars of video games have become emblems of their respective eras.

In January 2011, a black-and-white photograph began popping up on joke web sites, apparently showing Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein pedaling a bicycle away from an atom bomb explosion in the desert. Though it has occasionally been presented as authentic, the tableau depicted in the photo is preposterous on the face of it and more likely to elicit laughter than credulity.

In point of fact, it’s a composite image constructed using two different photographs taken 29 years apart.

Still, for this year's challenge, the teen decided to push himself even harder.

Hunter and Braden started their journey on Friday in Lambertville, Michigan.

Hunter told the Associated Press that the challenge was a big success. "That's what our goal was." As photos and video of the challenge shows, the brothers had no shortage of community support during their journey.