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"I'm not worried about nothing, in regards to you," he told his expecting girlfriend.

"I feel very happy and content with everything, I just need to get my s--t together. I got to deal with my own s--t." While Rob didn't mention which of his exes cheated on him, he's dated both Adrienne Bailon and Rita Ora in the past. This is a lesson to all the young women out there to not have unprotected sex with multiple men, especially while in a relationship." Do you think Rob will be able to get past his issues ...

Earlier today, Rob took to his twitter account, fueling rumors that the singer was with quie a few other men during their time together.

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But the mature way to have dealt with that kind of hurt would have been to honestly communicate those feelings to Rita, then find healthy ways to get over the relationship. At the time, however, they had not announced any formal romantic relationship and claimed to only be friends.

It wasn’t until Kylie was 18 years old that they became Instagram-official dating partners.

There was once a time when she was dating Rob Kardashian, and when they split, it was downright NASTY!

He was tweeting all sorts of hate to the blonde beauty, and she's finally addressing the way he lashed out.

Hit the flip to find out who else shorty was supposedly creepin’ with.


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