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And so it happens that Summer gets accepted, but Seth isn’t able to tell her he didn’t, so he breaks up with her, wanting her to go and be happy.

It is almost too late, but he gets her back by applying to a University near her, at least in the same state, and their union is strengthend.

(Pictures featured in the header are courtesy of This very last scene has become a cultural icone, many-many internet reviewers, blog writers and college humor videos use this song when someone is shot. Kirsten’s father dies in the previously last episode, and the richest man in the city leaves them no money, as it turns out, he had none.

From now on you’ll know, it is the parody of The O. Julie is too ashamed to admit she has no money, so she moves into a trailer park while Marissa moves to Summer’s house.

But the network states they “have faith in the shows fans to follow the show” even with the increased challenges.