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The catchphrase for the series is "Let's make it showy! The series and related films also features reappearances of actors reprising their characters from each of the previous series.On July 30, 2010, Toei applied for trademarks on the title Kaizoku Sentai Gōkaijā During the Super Sentai VS Theater programming on December 26, 2010, the series was officially announced in a commercial.

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In April 2014, Ozawa was rumored to be dating idol Shoko Nakagawa (who had previously guest starred in an episode of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman as a child and the the 38th episode of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger).

Ozawa later confirmed rumors that he had a daughter from the previous relationship.

A Tokyo Dome City event for the premiere, serving as the introduction of the cast and theme song singers to the public, held on January 29 and 30, 2011., which can only be acquired after obtaining the "Greater Powers" of the different 34 Super Sentai Teams.

However, they end up facing the Space Empire Zangyack, whose earlier invasion forces were wiped out by the 34 Sentai groups long ago before a new invasion force is established under Commander Warz Gill, the emperor's son.

Algum tempo depois, um grupo de cinco jovens piratas espaciais liderados pelo Capitão Marvelous, vêm à Terra em busca do maior tesouro do universo, depois de obterem o poder de se transformar nos Super Sentai anteriores através das Ranger Keys.