Save cydia apps when updating

Luckily, Cydia has apps and tweaks that you can install that will back up your other i OS 8 Cydia tweaks quickly and easily. In order to back up your jailbreak tweaks, you need a separate backup system aside from i Tunes, since it won’t back up your jailbreak tweaks.

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Although Pkg Backup isn’t free—and certainly more expensive than your average $0.99 App Store offering—it’s a really robust application that makes this entire process easy on so many levels.

Given the sheer amount of time you’d spend reinstalling your jailbreak apps and tweaking the settings between upgrades, it’s more than worth the price.

As veteran i OS jailbreakers would admit, it is always a wise decision to backup your Cydia apps, tweaks and sources regularly in order to avoid losing your prized possession, as new firmware update installations will inadvertently wipe out all user data including jailbreak apps and sources.

Avid jailbreak users must note that backing up jailbreak apps and tweaks will save them from the ignominy of reinstalling tweaks one by one, if there is an accidental OTA firmware installation in the background as the process is completely automated unless it is disabled in the settings.

From the below window, you can select "App Photos", "App Video" and "App Document" to let backup these app data. After the scanning process finished, you can preview the app backup data.