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Here are some pieces of information to keep in mind, which isn’t very obvious, but are cornerstones in working with tables in VBA: If you’ve worked with tables in VBA, you may have noticed that when deleting a table’s entire data body, you are still left with a single, blank row. [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub Table_Count Rows() On Error Resume Next Set WS = This Workbook. List Objects(s Table Name) On Error Go To 0 If WS Is Nothing Or lo Test Is Nothing Then Msg Box “There was an error setting the variables.”, vb Information, “ERROR! ” Exit Sub End If ‘/// Get the number of rows in the table i Row Cnt = lo Set. Count ‘/// Delete destination table data If Not lo Set. The second table is only used for its row size and makes the first table the same size. Data Body Range Is Nothing Then s Msg = s Msg & “Data range: ” & lo Set. Totals Row Range Is Nothing Then s Msg = s Msg & “Totals range: ” & lo Set. Address(0, 0) & NL Else s Msg = s Msg & “Totals range: (none set)” End If ‘/// Using range referencing objects s Msg = s Msg & DNL & “Range referencing” & NL If Not lo Set.

Here are some VBA examples for doing various things with tables in VBA. ” Exit Sub End If ‘/// Resize to source table size For i Step = 1 To lo Get. While it’s easier to add rows, adding columns present some unique problems, which include: [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub Resize Table Cols() ‘/// Set misc variables Set WS = This Workbook. List Objects(s Table Name) ‘/// Ensure the table has a data range If lo Set.

The file will be available (link at bottom of post) for download. List Columns(1) & “)” s Msg = s Msg & NL & “Ending on column ” & lo Test. Data Body Range Is Nothing Then Msg Box “The source table has no data stucture.”, vb Exclamation, “ERROR! Delete End If ‘/// Resize to source table size On Error Resume Next For i Step = 1 To i Col Cnt If lo Set.

Quit Set app = Nothing I strongly recommend that you lock down the app session before opening the target workbook: ` App.

There is a variation of the connection string that we've tested for 2007/2010 files that works as [email protected] Zhang More importantly, it seems the tab name (in the square brackets, with the $ at the end) has some funny restrictions that I can't seem to locate at the moment. The Jet OLEDB drivers have a memory leak when reading Excel (all versions, and the predecessor ODBC drivers): you're going to get error messages about available memory if you do this more than once in any user session. This is great if the Excel file your reading from is intended as a data source for validation.

I figured out that I should use the "modeless" keyword to keep the code running, but when I do, the userform (with the label " Working, Please wait.") shows blank white box ony.