Sean kingston dating maliah michel

I been around strippers my whole adult life the best ones know to never let a client hit. Maliah has been one of the only strippers getting 4k to host a party or to do a video feature. Maliah Michel MGC Empire is crumping…The ANS Crown Safe…Lol. Why would you hate a man for what he chooses to spend the money he made on?

It is a never ending tease that equals more money in the long run. Who knows n who cares…n nuccas outta control wit this social media stuff nowadays…nobody know how to pick up the phone anymore. Bro I am speaking from inside the industry, everyone talks. Hahz…Well then Secret Moneii must be multi millionaire then…. Maliah Michel Puts Sean Kingston On Blast For Saying He Smashed.

After the video incident and a Thisis50 interview where Sean made it seem like he smashed Maliah, the two never talked again. As many bad chicks that he could get not to mention he tours overseas.

Due to the pressure of who is sean kingston dating now Sean had to make it seem like he smashed after everyone was claiming he was tricking on his friend. Maliah is no slouch but come on bruh why lie on your Dick? Maliah Michel will 30 years within a year half and still stripping….

Sean tweeted the pic above saying: But when folks went in saying he's just getting Drake's leftovers since the "Take Care" rapper was "dating" her April 2010, he responded: That response has been mysteriously deleted off his twitter page.