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A dedicated surgical facility is not required for rodents.

In general a rodent surgery should have the following components: animal preparation area; surgeon preparation area; holding and recovery area and a surgical area.

Dogs and cats are born with no teeth, develop deciduous teeth, and then lose those baby teeth so that their adult teeth can take their place.

The euthanasia method chosen must be appropriate for the species and research use described by the protocol, and must be consistent with the current recommendations of the American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines on Euthanasia.

The NIH defines euthanasia as "the procedure of killing animals rapidly and painlessly".

Sedation is one of the major controversies in end-of-life care medicine. When I talk to veterinarians about sedation, this is what I hear from those who don’t use sedation: 1. They know in those few precious moments that their pet is still alive and is no longer suffering.

Have you ever watched a client before and after sedation? Most importantly, they get to spend a few minutes with their pet and see that there is no pain or anxiety.

The surfaces on which the surgery is going to take place must be non porous, sealed, durable and sanitizable.


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