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Ahmed Benchemsi, the award-winning Moroccan journalist who publishes Nichane and has written for Newsweek and the Los Angeles Times, says that advertising companies never tried to keep the boycott a secret.

"They tell our advertising agents, 'We had received a direct order not to give you advertisements,'" he said.

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When I moved to Canada, the monster did not roam people’s mind. Thus, I was given the space to re-examine the place of a woman’s passion and in light of my Arabian heritage.

The publisher of Nichane, the most widely read Arabic-language newsweekly in Morocco, is set to announce today that the provocative publication will close its doors due to insurmountable pressure from the country's restrictive monarchy.

While the Moroccan government does not directly control media, it often pressures critical or counterculture outlets, particularly Nichane, by imposing fines, imprisoning journalists, destroying thousands of print copies, and sometimes sending police to shut down publication altogether.

Nichane ultimately succumbed to a years-long advertising boycott led by the Omnium Nord-Africain Group, a massive holding company that dominates much of the Moroccan economy and is run by the royal family.

The head of a Bedouin tribe was a sheikh and a council of male elders – a male dominated social structure – making all the major decisions. They did not have a say over their place in society.