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She knew that they were both real men, men who knew things, men whom other men were afraid of. She felt his torso heavy and hard between her now wide spread legs. It was amazingly sexy and our faces touched, not kissing but resting against each other as our fingers did their work. Tony was exploring the house to look for more damage. Instead of availing herself to any number of classy expensive evening wear acutrements I acquired for her, she would choose to wear that prison-garb “thing” (I called it). She insisted on wearing it and similar around the house or to bed.

He began to push his cock harder and faster into her. As he opened the door to the garage, he saw that Ben’s prized possession, his antique sports car; a little, silver Triumph Spitfire was still there. Hell, I’ll bet assigned clothing in some Russian Gulag had more style than most everything she chose to “lure” me with. “Lure or even allure” never found a way into her vocabulary or her imagination, and even when I eventually told her flat out (what you already know now), that there was more than a few women who were doing their best to “LURE” me, and that I was only human, and that she better wake up if she was serious about keeping me… She took pride in her God given gifts, and yes, she was indeed worthy of such pride.

Sammi panted loudly with each thrust, her heart raced with excitement. Tony bound into the room with his face gleaming, “That idiot Ben left his antique Triumph in the garage! ” Exclaimed Chuck, whose devious mind was quickly at work, planning Ben’s retribution. well, no result there either, unless you call silently staring at a blank wall a “result”. My own “bride” had long ago forgone any such measures or interest, but then no surprise there. A woman who has been raised to think of anything sexual as sinful, or any thought of provoking a man’s libido through a sensual display of attire, (a damn sure ticket to hell), well she’s not going to give much attention to a little matter like her appearance. She was all about the accoutrements, the window dressings, the “curtaining”.