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Sunil Jain, on July 10, 2017, wrote a profound piece ( Q9wk H) on the proposed Air India sell off in this newspaper.

He began by asking a question is Air India worth Rs 5 lakh crore as I had indicatively valued it in my column ( for The Indian Express or, as some others have suggested, its worth is only Rs 1?

For every one private airline that has been successful since the skies in India opened up in 1992, two have gone belly up.

Even the prima donna of private airlines, Jet Airways, is a not much of an experience to write home about. On the morning of July 11, I was accompanying the combined opposition candidate for president, Meira Kumar, to Jaipur for campaign.

Certainly they could use the help but I’ve never seen the idea of redistribution from a private corporation through a governmental entity (who naturally gets their cut) to a targeted group as one which provides either efficiency or incentive for betterment of the lower class.