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Faculty Focus had a recent article, First Day of Class Activities that Create a Climate for Learning (July 19, 2017) that offers some other options.Learning your students’ names is important to create a positive classroom climate.

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The Innovative Instructor blog is celebrating its five-year anniversary—we started posting in September 2012.

To mark the beginning of the academic year, here are some tips and helpful hints in the form of posts from the archives to get instructors started on another successful semester. Looking for advice on preparing for the first day of class and beyond?

What about using an icebreaker, an exercise or activity that provides an opportunity for students and the instructor to get to know one another?

Take a look at the August 30, 2013 post Icebreakers for some ideas.

Get them to share the experience with the other members of the group and the group to come up with some of the elements of success.


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