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Fast forward 13 years, it was now February 2017 and I found myself back in the Polish capital city of Warsaw, with depression, severe problems with trusting others and just destroyed by my own travels and what they didn’t bring me. It’s much more intelligent and co-ordinated than that.Then I decided to launch a new project, Northern Irishman in Poland. And so, after a 13 year absence, I heard about a Speed Dating night in Warsaw, in English not Polish, so I put myself down for it, it was seen on Facebook on Warsaw Social, Professionals in Warsaw and Warsaw Social Website. I was single again, something I really don’t cope well with anymore.takes a look at the options — and the costs involved…

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Mad Mike got a date out of it and well, it was just another night on the journey.

A dot on my globe and part of my wacaday 151 country journey on planet earth.

It was a fad, a craze at the time and so as four single guys at the time, we jumped on board.

The biggest shock for me, was when I turned up to that event (in March 2004), my ex girlfriend was one of the girls!!

I never wrote about that Speed Dating adventure on this platform before but I did cover the Lock In (fake Big Brother).