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Without weighing in on the subject of closure, the planners point out that an environmental assessment costing anywhere from 0,000 to 0,000 would be needed to gauge the views of experts and the public to “identify alternative solutions to address the problem or opportunity and establish the preferred solution.” The report offered no options of its own.A city council committee last week voted to defer discussion on any road closure in order to give administration more time to look into such alternatives as wildlife crossing measures or even an “eco-passage” that could serve to separate road traffic from wildlife traffic.

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Matchette Road is an important component within the area’s traffic network to convey motorized vehicles.

As it enters Windsor from La Salle, it’s a designated Class 1 Collector, which, in Ontario road-speak, means it serves to facilitate and distribute traffic between local roads and arterial roads.

Environmentalists want to stop that motorized vehicle flow to protect critters that cross between Ojibway Park to the west and the Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve to the east.