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Each time, these men—dashing chefs, moody architects—would give me just enough attention to keep me in their narcissistic orbit.

Whether or not they'd ever call was just part of the thrill, always keeping me on edge.

Family Ties Experts say we develop our taste in men at a young age — anywhere from childhood to adolescence.

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Initial chemistry is the spark that fuels a relationship, but that spark doesn’t always ignite for all the right reasons. How is it that qualities that led us to a person in the first place, can later repel us so strongly and lead to problems down the line?

How does that cool confidence that once made us swoon turn into the soul crushing aloofness that distances us from a loved one?

Think about it — are three emotions we attract into our lives at similar levels that we feel them ourselves.

Sorry ladies, when ) to attract this never-ending flow of losers. Margaret Paul, one of Alanis Morissette's best loved therapists, says we attract people to our lives with a similar level of "stuff" that we have.

Women in these toxic patterns get hooked on the ups and downs of their relationships and can form what experts call betrayal bonds, which cause them to feel even more attached to men who show them these extreme — and sometimes ultimately dangerous — forms of attention.


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    You will have so many men after you that you’ll be asking, “How do I turn men away without hurting their feelings? Follow the 4 tips below Julie had a commitment problem. But when she got serious with Brad, the guy she’d secretly loved for years, she felt suddenly surrounded by cute, eligible bachelors. Accept things as they are right now and start every day as a new beginning, full of fresh possibilities.

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