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    I imagine if I grew up in England, that's probably what I would have done. If I wasn't a filmmaker I'd probably still be in that ******* convenience store - no doubt. There's this documentary on The Shining DVD where, at one point, he blows up. Which filmmaker do you consider the most underrated? It's just that I'm always thinking how some directors are so overrated - so who would be underrated? She got really angry about that and asked me to do something about it. I mean, they want to go away and they're not working, so that's fine." And one day she stopped talking to me for a whole day, because she was so irritated by the fact that other people got to leave the set. "Be a filmmaker", which is what my sister said to me when I told her I wanted to be a filmmaker. That's what I'm talking about." And she says, "well, just go out and be a filmmaker." And I said, "Yeah. Worst piece of advice was, um, "Dude, cast my girlfriend in the movie. They [Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez] were not boyfriend and girlfriend at the time. I mean, I regret the ****storm that surrounded our poor little movie because of their relationship, but I don't regret their relationship because they were quite a cute couple together, and really into one another. I mean, I've been real happy with the people I've worked with, but if I could work with anyone, it would be Robert Shaw. The guy who played Quint in Jaws - I thought he was awesome. I've come to this conclusion now that I'll be a lot less angry about terrible movies if I just don't go to see them, you know?

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    I enjoyed watching them because in some ways they claim to be about “how to date me,” but I couldn’t help but wonder what woman (of any background) want a prospective partner to wear deodorant?

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    When Microsoft will discontinue Delta Sync protocol, Windows Live Mail program will stop synchronizing emails for all Outlook and other Microsoft accounts.