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It had been a week since her dad shoved her into the wall, but her finger still hurt a lot.

Amy hated the way her dad called her names and accused her of all sorts of things she didn't do, especially after he had been drinking.

One of the most interesting substance abuse charts and graphs that is relevant to teenagers is this graph about gateway drugs – that is the drug that teens are most likely to try first.

This graph shows that a large majority (56.6%) of teenagers will first try marijuana.

Depression occurs at a rate of about 2% during childhood and from 4%-7% during adolescence.


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    Here, dear reader, is where you might stop liking me. I wholeheartedly agree that dating requires open-mindedness.

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    How can something be biased if it’s both serious and sober?

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    All of these can make dating—often an ego-shattering minefield for those in perfect health—even trickier.

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    One of the most common ways is to rely on a fake name or a username that doesn’t provide much information about the person’s true identity. Yes, some online dating sites require users to go through a verification process in order to confirm that they are who they claim to be.