Teen dating violence updated facts

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The onslaught of recent school shootings seized the media and effectively catapulted this most important and pressing topic into the mainstream rank order of national and public health priorities.

These incidents have brought long overdue and well-deserved attention and analysis to the complexity of concerns and issues affecting teenagers that often manifest themselves in violent and aggressive acts toward others.

Miles offers thoughtful advice and answers to such questions as: What constitutes violence in teen dating relationships? What are the warning signs that parents and other caring adults can watch for that may indicate a teen is being either abused or abusive? They may not be willing or able to approach family members; they may not know how to start coping with the effects of these traumatizing events.

Written by a psychologist who has worked with abused kids and teens for more than a decade, is for adolescents searching for positive ways to deal with their history of abuse.

If you, or someone you know may be in an unhealthy relationship, there is help out there!


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