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The 73-year-old singer and her 57-year-old German-born record executive beau tied the knot in a quiet civil ceremony at Lake Zurick in Küsnacht, Northern Switzerland "a few days ago," municipal official Hannes Friess confirms to E! Friess adds, "There will be a private celebration in Küsnacht on Sunday, [July 21].

We do not have any information about names or number of guests."According to Swiss media (via France's AFP), the pair will reportedly celebrate the union at their Küsnacht manor on Sunday with an intimate Buddhist ceremony attended by 120 guests (Turner is a longtime practicing Buddhist).

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Swiss media also reports that a small stage would be set up for Sunday's ceremony and that Turner and Bach have already sent out letters to their neighbors apologizing in advance for the noise they might cause during the wedding party.

Turner and Bach met back in 1985 at a record label party in London and have been together ever since.

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They also reportedly increased the security at their party by having wedding planners put up a red canvas screen at the foot of their garden, as well as police cordoning off the water outside their property.


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