Tips on dating a player

If you want to be his booty call, then that’s fine, but if you want to date him, then intimacy follows a date, not waking up in an empty bed.

Don’t change the fabric of your own being to keep him.

If he’s really playing you at your own expense, you wouldn’t want to make it easy for him, right? Nothing challenges a player more than the idea of a conquest.

If you want to get his attention and have him chasing after you, start off by being indifferent. If he comes near you, play it cool and put him down.

Ultimately, the journey to find a long-term relationship can have highs and lows, but you have to be in the dating game to get the desired outcome.

If a girl is to sleep with lots of guys she's called easy, maybe a slut, but certainly not revered and thought more highly of as a result.

I gave my reader what I felt were the top three pointers of dating a player: If he phones at 11 p.m.