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Within months, I’d successfully wooed the lady of my choice, and it was incredibly satisfying.But after , I would have purchased them in a heartbeat, but as it was, it felt like there was nothing else out there.The game, developed and published by the popular Youtubers, slides snugly ... But what can you do when you focus on covering Japanese games? The ultra-sad visual novel tells the story of a high school delinquent whose life turns around after meeting a strange older girl. Do you ever find yourself playing video games for more than eight hours straight?

As anime fans, we’re all too familiar with THAT formula: the beloved harem anime storyline.

However, there are some harem anime titles that take the genre, inject it with love-steroids, add extra skin, and blind us with strategically placed bars of light.

He teaches the denizens of the other world the glory of his passions, to (you know) share the uniqueness of Japanese culture.

While his harem is relatively small (in comparison to the rest of the boys on this list), Shinichi still gets to live out the tropes of his fantasies, including his very own swimsuit episode.

Since then, she has performed opening and ending themes for a few anime and has gained significant recognition from her two I've Sound-related album releases.


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    Tulisa says "anything's possible" when it comes to an N-Dubz reunion.

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    As you negotiate with yourself on whether or not to talk to her, she walks away. Here are some hard truths about how to start a conversation. Initiate dialogue in a language you both understand. Once we're available for other people, we're more available for ourselves and don't have to think of what to say.5. Every person wants the same thing you want: safety, love, and laughter.

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    What was meant to be a nice, ‘food coma’-inducing meal at Chipotle Mexican Grill, paired with a pleasant conversation between my boyfriend and I, quickly shifted gears, taking a turn for the worse.