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I knew they were very close but I didnt expect them to be actually together.I love Tony and we have a family but this clearly changes everything.

But, CBS can also reasonably dangle the #1 booth opposite Jim Nantz, replacing Phil Simms in that role.

Simms is 62 years old, and I think it’s fair to say we’ve all “talked about” his much-maligned and frequently entertaining commentary.

MORE: Ranking TV's best game analysts It isn’t until now that someone has a window to consider whether there’s a better way to use him — to make the most out of what he knows and how he gets it across.

Former CBS colleague Bonnie Bernstein pointed at that in some heated Twitter comments as the news trickled out Tuesday. A much smaller audience got excellent insight into what he needs to work on, very hard, between now and September.

"I just wanted to tell everyone its been a crazy 48 hours here," Romo said on Instagram. I want to say thank you and we have a lot to think about going forward.