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Men are in such short supply that many girls, some as young as 18, signup to join one of the numerous marriage agencies.Glitzy websites show a seemingly endless procession of beautiful single women.- Men give out money by themselves, – speaks a policeman in Odessa.

It’s no surprise, then, that when Daria moonlights at an international matchmaking agency (called Soviet Unions) she falls for one of the company’s clients.

Odessa, on the frontier of the ex Soviet Union, is the new tourist magnet for Americans. The pioneer spirit is strong with these Americans who are taking advantage of Odessa's reputation as home of the world's most beautiful women.

A lot of people running for material treasures, but in the end of their way's they realize that have nothing. more about Daria from Kiev I am a kind and caring girl. more about Tanya from Zaporizhzhya I know for a fact - you may never blame anyone around in the unhappiness of yours! Here I am, and my only description here would be...

I always treat another people like I want them to treat me.

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