Updating microsoft streets and trips

It's not very backward-compatible with older versions. And as a convenience, you can have both the 20 versions installed at the same time (you can choose this option when installing the new one), so if you don't like it after the 60 days trial, you can just uninstalled the 2009 version.

But i guess you will like better the 2009 version because of the new 3d view (navigation view) and also that it is speaking street name...

You can also locate stops/waypoints by typing an address, or automatically by using addresses in an Excel spreadsheet or in any other table or database.

If you have a point layer of your customers, you could select the customers you want to visit and then have Maptitude determine the best route to use to visit them.

Its primary competitor is De Lorme, particularly its Street Atlas series of mapping software.