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If the employee's e-QIP for a PR is not submitted within 15 days from issuance of the overdue notification, PSMO-I will administratively downgrade the eligibility without prejudice in JPAS.

PSI-Co E will send you a email with the requirements to complete your e Qip application.

Effective December 1, 2015, the Defense Security Service (DSS), Personnel Security Management and Oversight for Industry (PSMO-I) will accept requests for periodic reinvestigations that are within 90 days of the investigation anniversary date.

Qualified job seekers will find they have a tremendous leg up on non-cleared candidates and, almost certainly, will benefit from a salary premium.

Unfortunately, many people let their security clearances lapse.

I've lived in the UK since 2005 and have traveled to nearly 60 countries for business & pleasure, including some not-so-friendly countries like Iraq & Afghanistan.


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