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Here’s what we found: A trademarked brand name from radar-gun-maker MPH Industries, POP radar is a mode in which the cop’s gun emits bursts of K- or Ka-band radar for less than a tenth of a second.

Police aren’t supposed to write tickets with POPradar, but this type can grab a speed reading without alerting detectors.

Without further ado, I turn the floor over to Mike: Hi Eric, You are quite correct that there is a profusion of sensors congregating on and around our highway travels these days.

More signals being received that are not due to speed traps certainly complicates detector usage and is a spur to detector improvements.

About a week ago, I did an article (here) about my V1 radar detector being triggered not by police radar but by the radar (and laser) signals emanating from many new cars – specifically, cars equipped with lane departure and blind spot warning systems.