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Usually the following factors need to be provided for a precise quotation:1.Number of words- description of the European patent- claims of the Europeann patent2. Number of pages- description of the European patent - claims of the European patent- drawings of the European patent In some countries the following local requirements may affect the fees and costs of the European patent validation:- No translation of the European patent is needed.- Only the claims of the European patent need to be translated (EN description is also accepted).- Full translation is required (claims and description have to be translated into the local language).Basically, for a European Patent (EP) to proceed, two matters must be dealt with: The patent must be "validated" in whichever of the designated countries are now required by the applicant - for almost all countries this requires the preparation and filing of a translation of the entire patent specification into an official language of that country.

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However, there are two routes for obtaining patent protection in Europe.

Firstly, it is possible to file individual patent applications in different countries (e.g.

A US patent does not protect your rights in Europe.

In fact, many inventions that are patented in the US are not patented in Europe and thus are freely available and open for use by all in Europe.

This is a letter from the European Patent Office which indicates that the application is acceptable in principle.