Views on flirting dating behaviors and promiscuity down with dating review

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Identifying your problem behaviors in dating — figuring out if it’s your tough-girl attitude that’s turning men off, or your controlling behavior that’s turning women off, to name only two annoying and problematic behaviors — is a very important step.

Dating trouble isn't the problem — it's a symptom of other problems.

Patti Novak, star of the A&E series “Confessions of a Matchmaker,” says that finding true love isn't about having the right shoes or a flat stomach — it's about being ready.

In her new book, “Get Over Yourself,” she breaks down how to get yourself ready to date by first understanding and fixing your own problems.

My "lunch tray moments" consisted of going from table to table, trying to sit down, and kids telling me I wasn't welcome to sit with them, and then eating by myself in the detention room, the only place that would have me.


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