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In fact, about 30 percent of Americans say they have had one or no sex partners since turning 18. That’s a fairly surprising figure, since so much of our culture sends the message that practically everyone is having sex all the time, and with lots and lots of partners.


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    And she's frequently papped with her hot footballer husband, Wayne Bridge, who was also at this interview, as attentive, thoughtful and un-footballerish as you could imagine.

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    Nineteen-year-old Zach Anderson, center, was sentenced to 25 years on Indiana’s sex offender registry after he slept with a girl who lied about her age on the hook-up app Hot or Not.

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    It’s only fitting that our model hero for unspoken behaviors is the mute commando Snake-Eyes of stories is from Marvel’s original comic book series, issue #21: “Silent Interlude.” This tale is famous because it features absolutely zero dialogue or sound effects. It became so legendary, in fact, that the format has been repeated a few times in the Teachers typically don’t fight off ninjas hordes in silence, but we can foster powerful connections and teachable moments with unspoken behaviors. Here are some example “non-verbals:” For any teachers doubting the power of unspoken behaviors, posture, and expressions, I present the following challenge: Watch a video of yourself teaching with the volume muted. Take a moment and consider what you are communicating through these same behaviors.

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