What is the purpose of consolidating and codifying legislation

The exercise of consolidating the accumulated body of Community legislation and releasing it on the EUR-Lex site began in 1996, under the responsibility of the Publications Office of the European Union.

It is now planned that new legislative instruments will be consolidated as soon as an amendment is published in the Official Journal.

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The courts generally presume that a consolidating statute leaves prior caselaw intact.

A consolidating statute re-enacts and repeals particular legal subject matter which was previously contained in several different statutes.

Ancient Sumer's Code of Ur-Nammu was compiled circa 1230-2050 BC, and is the earliest known surviving civil code.

Three centuries later, the Babylonian king Hammurabi enacted the set of laws named after him.

It gives effect to a Report made by the Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission making recommendations for changes to the law being consolidated.


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