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As her ANNA'S CHARACTER, SOOKIE, THE SWEET-NATURED diner waitress with psychic abilities and a soft spot for the undead, has become a certified pop-culture icon.

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There was a moment of dead quiet, until we got clued in that--yay! There were smiles all around, then we reached for some roomier sundresses that fit over Anna's slight baby bump. But when we catch up with the actress a week later at a Venice Beach, CA, café near her home, she's allergic to baby talk. "I think at this point in the season, everybody is ready to take a really long nap," she says, referring to the show's grueling 12-hour schedule. "For the first month or so, I'd wake up and see blonde hair on my shoulder," she says of her decision to dye her hair for the show, "and it kind of freaked me out." Indeed, no one seems more surprised at her current bombshell status than Anna herself.

It's as if the swan can't quite believe she's no longer the duckling.

"I didn't honestly believe it was going to happen," she says of her audition.

After being in the relationship with Stephen Moyer for several years, they finally got married on August 21, 2010, and welcomed twins named Poppy and Charlie in September 2012.

Her father Brian was a high school Physical Education teacher from Canada and her mother Marry was an English teacher.


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