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While flicking through the diary, Heath’s father confirmed that his son had thrown himself into a self-imposed exile to dig into the Joker’s twisted grey matter, “He galvanised the upcoming character. The journal revealed quotes, photos, and ripped out pages from magazines and newspapers framing his character.“It’s a combination of reading all the comic books I could that were relevant to the script and then just closing my eyes and meditating on it," Heath said in a 2007 interview with Empire.

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All in all, he’s got a lot on his villainous plate, but the joke is on him: Leto’s steely yet revved performance is just getting started when he’s relegated to the sidelines, where no good Joker should ever be left to laugh alone.

In the far-off days of 1992, it seemed an utterly wack idea: Let’s cast the earnest and slightly mopey Luke Skywalker as …

the most gleefully high-on-himself villain in the history of villainy.

But Hamill, to a degree no one could have predicted, got in touch with his inner deranged demon-clown.

Where a lot of famous actors recede in animated roles, he tapped deep into a hidden side of himself.


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