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Anthony Hamilton accompanies Leela on her first single, which is always a plus with getting a song not only added to radio, but also with getting the fans excited about another notable celebrity willing to lend vocals. Speaking of shade, this is one time I’d take shade over snow. Grammy award-winner Tye Tribbett and my friend Mookie and I have decided to jump out there and do an alternative music style group called the Jr High Band.

Although we aren’t strictly gospel, due to Tye’s gospel career, we are all cognizant about making sure we don’t make the mistake of being too ratchet. The news comes to me that my group won’t be there for me.

Shit is real, I ain't playin' (No more "Have My Baby") Yo, I got yo' moms prayin' [Missy] It's gonna get risky Fuck wit' Missy I'mma shoot you where your ribs be So you can feel me Ain't it real B?

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[Missy] You on some real bullshit now You know, you know what?

Why don't you just come to my house, bitch, you know? [Missy] Ask your nigga where I stay at [Mo] Please, he ain't got nutin' to do with this [Missy] He know [Mo] He ain't got nutin' to do with this [Missy] He know Ask him where I live at, aight?

"I'm so disappointed in her, I thought she had class but I guess she likes thrash , and for him she's just another piece of ass," wrote a commenter identified as Michael Jamison.

Even more horrendous, many nasty critics brought up Braxton's bankruptcies, and suggested that she's only dating the rapper--who's worth an estimated $150 million--because she's desperate for his money.

Keyshia Cole denies egging Bow Wow’s car but now, Lil Mo went ahead and called her a thot for egging the car. Many of you may say, “Since when were Bow Wow and Keyshia Cole dating? Photos surfaced the net this week that showed that Bow Wow’s car was egged.