Whos dating miranda cosgrove

In a tweet, Pump said that he wanted to get intimate with the unlikeliest of matches: i Carly.

What do you think the boys of One Direction have planned for Valentine's Day this year?

You know, if that would make you all happy and not mad at him anymore.

Lil Pump sent his social media followers into a frenzy with a, shall we say, interesting confession earlier today.

As Iron Man, Downey has been the single biggest key to the success of four recent Marvel blockbusters, including "The Avengers," which is the third-highest grossing movie of all time.

Disney -- which owns the notoriously stingy Marvel Studios -- has taken notice of Downey's draw and paid him what he's was worth, and then some.

Miranda Cosgrove stated that she hoped Carly and Freddie would have another nice little romance.